Lariat Kitchen Addition & Remodel

This kitchen addition and remodel had a very unique set of parameters.  First and foremost, the client had a very specific vision coming into the project: she wanted the kitchen to look like the one in the movie “As Good As It Gets” (ca. 1998, featuring Jack Nicholson & Helen Hunt), which evoked a French country style of white cabinetry and black countertops.  Secondly, the existing house was designed in the 1950’s, in sort of a Pacific Northwest Midcentury Modern style, with low-sloping roofs and an L-shaped single story layout that embraces the back yard and pool.  Most notably, however, was that the original design was based on a 120-degree angle – NONE of the walls in the house were at right angles (90-degrees).    
Essentially, the project program was to design a French Country kitchen within a non-orthogonal Midcentury Modern home – without compromising the distinct character of either.  The exterior presented similar challenges, as we wanted to design an addition that would enhance the interior space and the connection to the outdoors, yet was sympathetic to the original building’s character.