Want to brainstorm about how to configure your space? Need help determining whether you can/should build an ADU in your backyard? Want to open a restaurant and are trying to decide whether it’s feasible in a particular building? Have you been working on a redesign of your kitchen and need another pair of eyes on it for feedback? Do you need some guidance regarding colors, materials, and/or lighting? Are you trying to launch your business and need help with your visual identity and/or website?


Our design consultation service is intended to provide a platform for quick idea generation and feedback. In the design industry we call these brainstorm sessions “charrettes.” It is not our goal for these sessions to expand into full projects - there is no commitment expected (for either party) beyond the consultation appointment.

Design Inspiration Library

The inspiration library provides access to books and periodicals relevant to design and construction, including topics such as: green home design, landscape design, tiny house design, commercial office design, homesteading, construction detailing, kitchen design, graphic design, etc.

Building Materials Resource Room

Our materials resource room provides access to a curated selection of product samples such as tile, paint chips, windows, etc. that are beyond what you might find at a home improvement store.




Every Monday from 10:30am - 1:00pm

During drop-in hours visitors also have access to our building material resource room and design inspiration library. A consultation appointment is not required for these - there is no fee for this service.


By offering this service we hope to make design more available, approachable, and accessible to the public. Our aspiration for this is that it will spread a little bit of design to everyday spaces and have a positive impact on people’s daily lives, by giving design attention to projects that may not otherwise afford it. Ultimately, we hope this will increase public awareness and appreciation of design.


Donations to support the services of the Design Resource Center are much appreciated!

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Design Resource Center
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